888 Ladies Bingo

Are you ready to add some sizzle to your bingo play? 888 Ladies isjust the online bingo parlor that can do it! With tons of bonuses andgiveaways, they can add a little spice to bingo addiction.

Free Play Bonuses
Offering 3 ways to let you play bingo for free, 888 Ladies keeps thegames going. When you register, you will receive 5 completely freewith no deposit necessary. When you discover it is the place to play,you receive a match bonus on your first deposit, up to 200. And as if that was not generous enough, 888 Ladies also gives you up to 6 freecards with which to play every hour!

Redeposit Bonus
To add to their generosity, 888 Ladies offers a redeposit bonus of 50%.What is truly awesome about this bonus is it is for every singledeposit you make up to 100 for as long as you play!

Giveaways 888
Ladies likes to keep things heated up. That is why they have stupendous giveaways, such as giving away a trip a day and providing guaranteed jackpots every week.

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Gold Ladies Club
Because they like to reward loyal bingo players, 888 Ladies has aninvitation-only club for their Very Important Ladies (VILs). When youare picked to join the club, you are eligible to receive many perks,such as more free games, higher redeposit bonuses, and larger jackpots.

With their spectacular bonuses, giveaways, and elite club, it iseasy to see that 888 Ladies is the place to be. Isn't it time to addsome sizzle to your bingo life?

Signup Bonus : 25 bingo welcome bonus on deposit of 10

Bonus : For any redeposit that you make between 20 and 100, we will credit your bonus account with 25% redeposit bonus.

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