Hm, this is something that I have actively debated in the past, and have...

Hm, this is something that I have actively debated in the past, and have always been on the side that the Zelda series, save TAoL, is in no way an RPG. The problem with this controversy is that RPGs and adventure games share too many common elements, such as puzzle solving, exploring, and a large story.

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To answer the level-up argument, adventure games often have an upgrade system similar to an RPG's level-up system, but still distinctly different. The difference is that a level-up system is usually large-scale and often involves numerics of some sort, whereas an upgrade system is usually on a smaller-scale, rarely involving visible numbers. RPGs use level-up systems (as Final Fantasy TAoL does), whereas adventure games use upgrade systems (as the other Zeldas do).

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