How to get interested in role playing games

The main purpose of this blog is to get people in general interested and psyched to role-play, try new games, and just plain have a good time. If I can help to do those things for gamers from new to long-time veterans I'll be a happy camper. The hardest part of RPingis getting started. The first time walking up to a gaming table and hearing the people around it talk in character voices, really getting into character, and going back and forth on rules can beintimidating. It looks like fun, but how to get comfortable with it? It can certainly be a quandary, so I figured that I'd take a post to address new player worries and give a little advice on how to get started and move forward.

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1. Get a book!

Figure out which RPG interests you, get a hold of the main sourcebook for it,and get at least somewhat familiar with the rules. It is MUCH less confusing if you know what players are talking about when they refer to the rules, as well as the game world.

2. If you really want to get into role-playing games, but feel uncomfortable getting started, then watch a game first.

Watching a session can beas easy as hanging out at your local game shop or by going online to Twitch or the like to watch a game being played. In both cases, players are likely to play on a schedule which makes your job of checking out a game that much easier. And in the case of the game store example, don't be surprised if they invite you to have a seat and maybe join in for a bit. Gamers, by and large, are friendly folk and not to befeared, young padawan. Thisstep is important, since it will give you an idea of what to expect when you roll up your first character and properly take your seat at the table. If you're looking at a table in a game store, be sure to give a quick, "Hey, do you mind if I watch you guys play?" as you do so. It's polite and, even though they're playing in public, some gamers feel a bit self-conscious RPing if a stranger is watching them closely. As for the online games, they put it online so that you could watch it, so don't worry. Maybe say hi in chat, though.

Now is the time to ask questions, if you're not getting in the way of their session (such as when they're on a break) or if they specifically ask if you do have any questions. This is where Step 1 comes in handy. There is no such thing as a stupid question, but there is such a thing as an uninformed question. Ask questions that build on what you've already read about the game and the gamers will see that you're actually serious and not just some guy/gal sitting in because they're bored or something.

3. If you're not quite so uncomfortable or have already watched a game, it's time to find a gaming group.

Finding a group may be as easy as checking with the group that you watched to see if they're looking for a new player. Some gaming stores will have bulletin boards where you can post openings in your own group or as a player looking for one. Online resources are many and varied. I've found groups myself using and on the Roll20site. If you look on the forums of some gaming companies, you'll see game/player locators there. Look around and see what there is to see.

After you locate something that looks good to you, ask a few questions of the group. They'll likely have questions for you. Don't be shy about letting them know that you're a new, but eager, RPer. If they really want someone more experienced that's fine there are more groups out there. If they are good with a new RPer and willing to teach you the ropes, keep asking questions. So what are good questions, you might ask? Good question. Here are a few to get you started and get a feel for the group and see if they mesh with what you're looking for.

Those will get you started.

And that's really it. Once you've found a group that works for you, the hard part is over now just get in there and game. In no time you'll gain some RP experience and feel much more comfortable at the table in character and rolling the dice. You'll also make some new friends and have a great time. Welcome to the role-playing game community!

Just remember that, someday, a new player may find their way to your table and ask if they can watch your session. Be friendly, be informative, and see if they'd be interested in having a seat.

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