Water balloons are always a big hit with the kids

Water balloons are always a big hit with the kids when the sun is out. What could be better than combining balloons, water and swimming pools? Get the kids in the pool and watch the battle from a safe distance!

To get set up for a game of Balloon Catapults, you will need: water, water balloons, and one towel for every 2 people.

How to play : Get everyone to buddy up with one other player, and give each team a towel. Fill the water balloons, and remember - the more ammo the better. Each team stands apart in the pool holding the towel between them with two hands. Place a water balloon in the centre of each team's towel.

On the shout of CATAPULTS GO! Each team launches their balloon at another team. The aim of the game is to catch an enemy balloon with your towel and launch it back at them! Keep going until all the balloons are popped and everyone's soaked from head to toe.

Nosey Beach Ball Race

Nosey beach ball race is a simple game to set up, and can keep the kids occupied for hours it's such good fun.

To get set up all you need is a beach ball for each child and a pool to race in.

On the shout of Noses GO! The aim of the game is to get your beach ball to the other end of the pool using only your nose . Watch out for cheating!

You can do extra lengths, or add a relay element to the race. Advanced players or older kids might want to race without touching the bottom of the pool... tricky!

Deep Sea Treasure

Deep sea treasure is an excellent game for kids old enough to swim underwater for short periods.

To play the game scatter coins around the pool, with higher value coins being harder to find or in deeper water. On the shout of GO everyone dives in and finds as many coins as they can as fast as possible. The person to get back to the pirate ship a sun lounger, toy or bench with the most coins wins! Add a maths element to the game by having multiple rounds: The first person to collect a certain amount really wins.

Shark Attack

Shark attack is a great game that will keep the kids happy for ages.

How to play: One person is selected as the Shark in each round, and the rest are minnows. The shark goes to the middle of the pool, and the minnows wait at one end.

The shark shouts out "Sharks and Minnows, 1-2-3, all the fishies swim past me!"

Now all the minnows must try and touch the other end of the pool without being tagged by the Shark. If the shark gets a minnow, they become a shark! Once the last minnow has been tagged by a shark, they are the shark in the next round.

Blind Shark

Blind shark is an excellent pool game, but needs extra careful supervision!

How to play : Blind shark is better the more players you have. One player is selected to be the blind shark, and lightly blindfolded. They must swim around the pool and tag anyone they can. When someone is tagged, they become the blind shark.

At any point, the blind shark can call out "The blind shark is hungry!" and all the other players have to shout out "Don't eat me!".

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