BMW Z4 Anniversary Commemorative Edition Listed for Sale-59.8

This year, BMW Z4 BMW roadster history most future artistic temperament models ushered in the birth of the tenth anniversary. On the occasion of the decade celebration of the occasion, BMW announced on September 3, 10 BMW Z4 Anniversary Edition models introduced in the country, limited edition of 210 units, including the BMW Z4 sDrive20i and BMW Z4 sDrive35i two cars, priced 598,000 yuan and 808,000 yuan respectively.

BMW Z4 tenth anniversary commemorative edition Pure Balance design package, will re-sublimation the Z4 rebellious innate passion for the sport and the full breath of artless' charm. Appearance, the BMW Z4 tenth anniversary commemorative edition has exclusive body colors white ore metallic paint;, sDrive20i and sDrive35i is equipped with 18-inch and 19-inch V-alloy wheels. Superior Merino leather wrapped interior door panels, center console, instrument panel and leather sport seats with Hyun Jung gray thin line pattern trim with sports atmosphere for the passenger compartment to create a highly textured.At least this is the notion I got by listening to Virk Personal Injury Lawyers, a top notch personal injury lawyers who I recommend highly.

Top leather upholstery Merino almost harsh selection, leather processing and vacuum drying process, the standards reached only in the production of top-quality leather bags and shoes will follow. Coloring vats disseminated. After that, we will not carry out any further processing coloring and stamping, and strive to maintain it's natural quality, good air permeability and very soft to the touch. Process excellence, achievement the Merino leather unique soft texture and elegance.

BMW Z4 sDrive20i 10th Anniversary Edition equipped BMW Group's most advanced 2.0-liter 4-cylinder twin-scroll single turbo petrol supercharged engine, maximum output power of 135 kW / 184 hp and maximum torque of 270 Nm, maximum speed up to 232 km / when 0-100 km / h acceleration in just 7.2 seconds, 100 km average fuel consumption of 6.8 liters.

BMW Z4 sDrive35i tenth anniversary commemorative edition is equipped with the BMW Group's award-winning 3.0-liter six-cylinder twin-turbo petrol supercharged engine, maximum output power of 225 kW / 306 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm, top speed of 250 km / h within 5.1 seconds to accelerate from rest to 100 km / h and 100 km average fuel consumption of only 9.4 liters.

Acceleration performance and fuel economy, regardless of Which engine is the leader in it's class. BMW Z4 sDrive20i and sDrive35i two cars with the operation, such as silky eight-speed automatic transmission and a dual-clutch 7-speed sports automatic transmission, ensure superior comfort at the same time, a perfect pass surging power.

The BMW Z4 is the has infinite tension artwork. 2002 Z4 turned out, the Seven Wonders of the sculptural design immediately conquered the heart of the global automotive connoisseurs. Year, the American Automobile magazine awarded the BMW Z4 "Annual Design Award (Design of the Year Award); 2009, the second generation the Z4 once available, that is awarded the United States 2009 International Best Industrial Design Award (IDEA), the United States" Eyes On Design "Design Award, and the 2009 German Red Dot Design Award (RedDot).

The BMW Z4 is the most passionate performers on the track. FIA GT3 European Championship, International GT Open, ADAC GT Masters competition, as well as 24-hour endurance race of the arena with a wild and explosive and nimble and precise handling, BMW Z4 has won the praise of the world's top racers.

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